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Cabling & Bracing

Tree cabling and bracing is a proactive and preventative technique that gives support to trees with poor or weak structural integrity. It is commonly used by tree service companies to reduce stress damage to your trees caused by extreme weather and harsh climate changes. Roe’s Outdoor Services, Inc. team offers tree cabling and bracing solutions for any weak trees on your property. Save your tree and reduce the damage with our flexible cabling and braces!

Cabling & Bracing Projects in The Highlands, Louisville, Kentucky

Even healthy trees fail from time to time, but that doesn’t mean they should be ignored. Weakened trees can pose a high risk, and not all hazards are visible. Your local tree service company, Roe’s Outdoor Services, Inc. can help you identify weak trees that need support, cabling, and bracing! Check out our cabling and bracing projects we did in The Highlands, Louisville, Kentucky.

Benefits of Cabling & Bracing

Trees are susceptible to harmful growth. Tree-support systems and devices, such as cabling and bracing, can help the tree in many ways. Here are some other benefits of tree cabling and bracing:

  • Extends Your Tree’s Life. The cabling and bracing techniques used by professional tree service companies can be very effective in extending the life of a structurally flawed tree. A cabling device can reduce the stress damage that your trees may suffer from high wind or the weight of ice or snow. 
  • Gives Structure Support. Bracing is a method of drilling and installing braces or threaded rods on trees that provide more rigid support at the unions of weak branches and multiple stems. 
  • Strengthens Weak Tree Parts. Cabling and bracing provide a supplemental support system for weak branches, redistribute structural stress, and allow split limbs or trunks to be adjusted. This gives protection and improvement to the structural integrity of the trees. 
  • Prevent Danger and Accidents. Large trees near your home can experience branch, trunk, or root system structural failures that can cause property damage, injury, or death. A combination of cabling and bracing techniques is needed to provide secure and stable support for weak and defective trees, lowering the risk of damage and preventing the unfortunate events mentioned.
  • Reduce Stress and Further Damage. Trees with poor branching habits split or cracked limb structures, decay areas, or a flawed root system, have a higher risk for structural failure. Cabling and bracing provide support to trees with weak limbs and trunks, or structural failure. It is a standard method used by arborists to save trees and give them a longer and healthier life.


Need Cabling & Bracing in The Highlands, Louisville?

Cabling and bracing are methods used by arborists to add support to trees with weak structures and preserve trees’ life and health. If you live in the, don’t hesitate to call us now! Book a schedule today and we will provide a FREE tree cabling and bracing estimate.

The Cabling & Bracing Process in The Highlands, Louisville

Tree cabling and bracing hardware is subject to the elements as well as tree growth and should be inspected on an annual basis. Normal branch or trunk movement and growth can cause cables and hardware to wear, reducing their load-carrying capacity. If growth continues in an asymmetrical direction without correction, the tree, like a person with bad posture, may one day be unable to support itself. If the tree is close to your house, large branches could potentially fall and may cause danger and damage to you and your property. Annual inspections by your local tree service are critical to prevent cable failure, accidents, and injuries from happening. 

Experience is required for safe, effective cabling and bracing. A trained professional arborist from an expert tree service such as Roe’s Outdoor Services, Inc. team can detect structural weaknesses and determine whether a cabling or bracing system is necessary. Maintenance after tree cable and brace installation is important because incorrect installation can cause more harm than good, so it should be inspected on a regular basis by our certified tree specialist who understands what to look for. Our expert team provides our clients in The Highlands, Louisville, Kentucky with the best and most effective cabling and bracing installations that will ensure trees develop safely, sufficiently, and beautifully!

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Do you want to preserve your old tree’s life and structure? Roe’s Outdoor Services, Inc.’s expert team uses the latest cabling and bracing techniques that can correct your tree’s growth and redirect it in a safer direction! We will ensure your favorite tree lives for more years to come without endangering you, your property, and your neighborhood’s safety! 

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